SÜDA Extraction Technology

Since developing the first chiropody device with integrated extraction, SÜDA has continuously been developing this technology through its own research and development. By closely collaborating with chiropodists and podiatrists, proven systems – such as e.g. the successful PEDO Sprint range – could be improved further and new technology – such as e.g. MEDIVAC – could be developed.

Special attention was again given to maximising the performance of extraction in connection with minimising the clearly noticeable noise emission. See for yourself. Take us for a test in one of our nationwide branches in your vicinity.

Pedo Sprint Eco Silentpower

  • simple and powerful foot care device
  • ingeniously simple operation and a sensational price-performance ratio
  • analogue rotary encoders for suction power and cutter speed
  • wired foot switch (optionally available)
  • Speed: 6.000 – 16.000 rpm
  • perfect as an entry-level device

Pedo Sprint 50 Silentpower

  • significantly more traction force especially in the lower speed range
  • maximum micro motor speed of 25,000 rpm
  • ideally suited for the use of larger instruments such as, for example, cap grinders.
  • display for speed indicator
  • noise level: 60 db (A) at 100% and 53 db (A) at 20% suction power

Pedo Sprint 100 Silentpower

  • large, clear LCD display
  • display of important operating parameters such as suction power, speed, direction of rotation
  • thinking electronics point to maintenance and dust bag / filter change
  • speed: 6.000 – 40.000 rpm


  • New low-maintenance extraction technology for long, interruption-free work
  • The lower operating temperature enables you to work for longer with the device without noticeable heat build-up
  • Minimised operating noise for even more pleasant work
  • The hand piece has improved extraction function, also for reduced volume, for a new level of comfort during treatment
  • Powerful, brushless micro motors
  • Modern design with high-quality aluminium casing
  • Easy to use thanks to the large display
  • Weight-optimised hand piece fits even better in the hand